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“The jewelry is made by international and Swiss artists – especially adapted to our style of clothing.”


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“WASH & DRESS”, that is Agathe’s practical collection: be it every day or out and about, from the beach, through a health resort, from the yoga course to the festive invitation, you are dressed with a minimum of clothes.
“Wash & Dress”, a crease-resistant, durable, easy to clean, flowing lines based on microfibers (as well as recycling), with high wearing comfort, antistatic and naturally breathable; washing by machine or by hand, rapidly dry, and ironing can also be left out. As far as saving is concerned, even in hand luggage you will find sufficient space for your multifunctional outfit.
The simply tailored clothes are easily combined, so that a matching combination can immediately be found for every opportunity; obtainable in various single colors or simple patterns such as stripes, checkersquares or dots. For the colder season, we recommend our knitwear consisting of high quality Merino-Silk-Cashmere which can be worn without problems with “Wash & Dress”. Go swimming, dancing, stylish eating, to the opera, participate in a business deadline: you will hardly choose not to be accompanied by “Wash & Dress”…

The price range for tops or pants lies between CHF 400.- to 500.-. A jacket costs between CHF 600.- to 700.-.
From design through ready-to-wear to production: everything is implemented in Switzerland and can be obtained
only in our shop in Zürich. We deliberately abstain from selling over the internet, and rely on personal contact and individual consultation. This makes selling and buying a pleasure.